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The Jewelry Story

Nadin Art Design - Personalized JewelryWomen of all nations in all times dream of beauty. I invite you to visit the store, where everyone can find  something interesting and unusual for the creation of an exclusive image.

 Nowadays it’s sometimes so hard to make a choice. I’m ready to help you to find an unusual, luxurious,  charming and festive jewelry or accessory.

 And for those, who prefer to fantasize and create something with handmade jewelry supplies by  himself, there are beads, caps, head pins, clasps, charms, connectors, ear wires etc .. All they are made by the author, there is a great opportunity to find a distinctive and unusual creative material in the “Goods for craftswomen”. It seems to me fair to give everyone an opportunity to feel like a designer, because an artist lives in everyone! Thank you for your attention and I wish you pleasant shopping! Sincerely yours, Nadin

Jewelry must please you! Surely every woman had a situation when she couldn’t find a desired jewelry looking for it in jewelry stores.
Nadin - Jewelry Designer(Diamonds, shining in earrings or rings, are not everything a person with a good taste need). You certainly had a situation when images of jewelry in your imagination could not be implemented because the jewelry on the shelves of stores did not meet the needs and desires. Or a situation when having purchased a new dress or a business suit and looked at home in a box of ornaments, you suddenly discovered that bought nice jewelry could not harmonize with a style of clothing. Did you have a problem, when having learned about the properties of precious and semiprecious stones, after reading about them as talismans or speaking with an astrologer a question arose: what to do, because the stones, which you have, have been picked up wrong?